Best Ways For Drywood Termite Control

Drywood termites are among the most destructive types of termites today. According to a termite extermination Santa Clara County based company, these termites are capable of turning your furniture, wooden items, and even house into a rubble without anyone noticing. The worst thing about these types of termites is, they require very little moisture to survive. They also only appear on the surface once done eating away cellulose from your furniture, which will be reduced to a shell by the time you see them. Nevertheless, detecting a termite infestation early, or taking control measures against the same can save you tons of work, money, and frustration.

Recommended Drywood Termite Control Methods

Image result for Borate works by killing termites on contactDrywood termites can be controlled either through sport or whole house treatment depending on the level of infestation. Full house termite treatment is recommended where the house’s structural base is under attack. Spot treatment is however recommended only when a specific area or furniture is infested.  Some of the best ways to do this include:

1. Fumigation – Fumigation is the most recommended treatment option meant for the entire house. The process involves making the building airtight using tarp or tarpaulin, then releasing poisonous gas in the building. It only takes a matter of time before all times within the house to be killed. Gasses used for fumigation purposes are also efficient in killing other pests present in the house. The gas can also be poisonous to plants, pets, and humans. The building should therefore be vacated with no foodstuffs stored inside before the fumigation process can begin.

2. Heat Treatment – This method is recommended for drywood termite control in specific areas in the house.  The infected area is covered with vinyl or polyethylene sheets, then excessive temperature inserted inside. This kills the termites almost instantly, after which the area is cooled instantaneously to prevent possible structural damage. This control method is recommended for bedrooms, attic, and porches.

3. Borate Treatment – This control method involves applying borate foam or spray directly on infested wood. Borate works by killing termites on contact, hence mostly recommended for preventive measures.

4. Wood Injection – This method is recommended for easy to reach areas. It involves making small drill holes on the surface of infested furniture, then injecting a pesticide in. The pesticide only works as a contact poison, which only kills the termites on contact. It’s however not recommended for antiques and other expensive furniture.

While these methods may come in handy in treating and even controlling termite infestation, you should consider calling an expert to do the job. Pest control firms invest in efficient termite control methods that leave your home or compound, termite free.


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