Keeping It Clean: Restaurant And Commercial Grease Traps

Sending grease down a home kitchen sink is a big no-no. While it’s hard to wash dishes without ending up with some grease going Image result for Keeping It Clean: Restaurant And Commercial Grease Trapsdown the drain, it is something that is impossible to avoid in a commercial or restaurant kitchen.

In a commercial and restaurant kitchen,  as grease going down the drain is a part of the daily grind. Visiting the for my clogged drainage, they said drainage are like steroids, in a sense. That means whatever is going down the drain on a daily basis is exponentially bigger in a commercial or restaurant kitchen for the volume of food they handle.

Regulators watch restaurants more carefully because grease does not go down the drain well. The truth is that grease causes a problem because it does not mix well with water, and is tough on the wastewater treatment system.

Janitorial Middlesex County based company said, when water treatment facilities have problems, it turns out that restaurants and commercial kitchens are the origin of the problem one in three cases. So, watershed management departments are smart to watch how well restaurants and commercial kitchens do at watching their ability to keep grease out of the drains.

For that reason, restaurants have to have grease traps. They need regular professional cleaning at least annually as well. Though, the trap itself must be cleaned daily to keep it from releasing a sludge of grease into the shared water source for the whole community.

Though, the grease traps or interceptors that are found in every professional kitchen will not all be the same. The reason comes down to the volume of grease they will each see.

Now, it is always important to have one because the watershed management is aware to look “upstream” to find out the sources of water problems: commercial kitchens. And to remind you these are one of the many reasons for bugs to live, the moist all over the kitchen, said a bed bug exterminators nj based company. That means the regulators keep tabs on who is causing issues.

Image result for local laws and regulations for plumbing in the US

All of this work will keep your kitchen in good with the local authorities. It will prevent fines while doing your part to ensure clean water for your community. In addition, it will keep your restaurant’s plumbing in good working order.


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