All about the Lead generation

In the world of e-commerce, it's important to have an effective marketing strategy to attract potential customers. But how do you do that? That's where lead generation comes in. Lead generation (or lead gen) is an important ally in marketing and sales. It uses a number of techniques to help you achieve your goals. Discover them in this article

Lead generation: what is it ?

Lead is an English word that means "business contact". If you want to know more, learn more here. It refers to direct in-store contact or indirect contact through e-commerce websites or phone calls. So, when we talk about lead generation, we can also talk about lead generation. It is a business term used in B2B and B2C marketing. Don't confuse leads with prospects. The latter are also leads, but they can be converted into new customers, while leads are just a marketing strategy. 

Therefore, lead generation is a set of marketing strategies commonly used in B2B marketing. The goal of this strategy is to obtain the contact details of companies or potential customers who are interested in your company's products. To achieve this goal, new technologies and particularly new marketing techniques must be used. Generating customer contacts is easily achieved through telephone leads, e-mail (practical application of e-mail campaigns), e-books and other acquisition methods.

Why introduce lead generation ?

Lead generation is becoming increasingly important in the marketing strategy for e-commerce. It offers many advantages, not only in terms of business acquisition, but also in terms of customer acquisition. Lead generation is useful for:

Acquiring new customers

Lead generation is one of the most effective, but also the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Customer acquisition requires minimal investment. It allows you to convert or convert a large number of potential customers. The advantage of this method is that you also get to know your potential customers well. This allows you to sell more effectively because you know their needs and can serve them better.

Anticipate the competition

Competition on the internet is getting tougher. Lead generation is a great way to showcase your expertise and generate sales leads. If you have the right lead generation strategy, you will get good results in search engines. The position you gain will allow you to generate good traffic and targets (including new leads). Implementing a lead generation strategy also means updating your website content. Internet users and potential customers need to be able to identify your website to stay ahead of the competition in content marketing.