How to extend the life of your battery?

The battery is one of the most critical components in a laptop. It is the energy storage tank of the computer. But, not knowing certain rules makes many batteries lose their power quickly. To finish with such a thing, read this article completely.

Battery criteria

The lifespan of a good battery like the battery for laptop asus is about 2 years.  For this, take a look at the date of manufacture of this component. If the design is long, do not make this choice. Although it is never used, this will affect its life span. For the second tip, never leave your laptop plugged directly into the universal charger when you are working. This affects the battery cells which are the energy containers. When your battery is at less than 15%, the station will provide enough effort for the charge to pass. However, if this is the case, the cells will quickly weaken. So the ultimate solution is to put the laptop back on charge if the battery percentage drops from 20% to 15%. A computer that works in high heat for hours simply overheats the battery component. When you are working on the station and there are strong thunder vibrations, turn off the laptop. The other precautions are in the following.

The laptop part

Good manners also make a battery last a long time. So, for the computer, turning off the computer's displays during idle hours and putting the hard drive to sleep are crucial to ensure that the battery lasts for many years. Low power mode and reducing the brightness of the screen also saves lithium. It is also important not to let updates accumulate and run them together. This slows down the life cycle of your battery considerably. When the fan is clogged with dust, the laptop heats up and this regularly discharges the battery. Automatic animations on the desktop are also a source of battery drain. With all these tips, your laptop's battery life will always be intact.