How to know that your mattress is good for your health

The mattress is the ideal place to rest after a very hard and tiring day. These various reasons make us understand that it is very important that the mattress we have is in better condition. In order to avoid health problems, we suggest you check these disputes that warn you about the quality of your mattress.

Is the number of years an indication to consider

To check if your mattress is still in good condition, bedding specialists suggest a maximum of 10 years. Beyond that time, you can consider your mattress as outdated. Indeed, for these specialists, wear and tear impacts the mattress and exposes you to micro-awakening, which is not good for your health. However, unlike these specialists, some people agree, like, that the number of years doesn't matter. For these, there are other factors to consider.

The condition of your box spring should interest you

In order to know if your mattress is still adequate for your health, it is important to consider the condition of your box spring. To do this, you will need to compare the level of flexibility of the most and least stressed areas. If there is a significant difference in the flexibility of the two sides, it is best to switch to another mattress.

Stiffness in the morning is an indication

Among the factors to consider, we can consider the case where you feel soreness when you wake up. Indeed, when you use a mattress that gives you aches every day when you wake up, it is better to opt for another mattress that does not give you the same effect.

In addition, you should avoid mattresses that keep the features of your body after you get up. This is a sign that the bedding is outdated and should be replaced.