How to successfully customize the iframe of a timelapse project?

Thanks to the Tikee solution, via the dedicated mytikee timelapse web application, it's possible to insert your timelapse elements on your web platform in a few minutes. So how do you go about customizing your timelapse project?

Change the size of the iframe

The iFrame embed code can be easily modified automatically from the embed code. Usually, when the gallery is embedded in an iframe, if the gallery is larger than the iframe, there will be a scrollbar by default. To avoid this, you can insert two options to easily adjust the iframe. This site provides you with more details.

The first option is to change the height and width of the iframe to fit the gallery by changing the height and width numbers in the code. You can also remove the borders and scrollbars. It is possible to insert scrolling = "no" and frameBorder = "0" in the embed code to remove this bar.

However, if you delete the scrollbar from the gallery, please adjust the height so that the control button is not sliced. To adapt the video to the size of the page, add "?fluid = true" in the iframe, i.e.: src="" style="Width: 100%; Height: 100%; Border:None;">

Iframe customization: Colors and language

You can choose the color of the iframe in a similar way:

Primary color: like "#090909" but without "#" because we use a URL.

Secondary color : similar to "#090909" but without "#" because we use a URL.

Background color: similar to "#090909" but without "#" because we use a URL. Pass these parameters as an query parameter to the URL:{...}/photo_gallery/{...}?lang=enimary_color=5f9ea0&secondary_color=ff9800&font_color=db0b93.

It is possible to choose the language of your iframe viewer by changing the "lang" field, the allowed data are "en" and "fr".