Obtaining the passenger location form online

With regard to health and immigration in some countries, several measures have been put in place. These measures are to be respected under the control of the chiefs dealing with immigration and health. These authorities require passengers to undergo a health check and also a travel check. This article will tell you more about these measures. 

How to get the PLF?

 In order to be able to quickly detect passengers during a journey in case of a problem, the PLF is essential. The passenger location form under the acronym PLF is introduced by authorities. This form is to be filled in before a journey by ship or plane. Indeed, several countries have their own online report. It is recognised by all under a PLF name. When leaders detect a significant transmission on board, the PLF is used to trace contacts. Due to several diseases at that time, including COVID-19, the completion of this form is necessary. This passenger location form exists in several countries. To find out more about the filling processes in each access PLF. 

Filling out Italy's PLF

 It should be noted first that countries are classified into lists. As far as Italy is concerned, it belongs to the D list countries. For the countries on this list, travellers are required to fill in the form 14 days well in advance of their arrival. After filling in the form, passengers will be sent the passenger location form as a PDF and also the QR code. The passenger will receive this form on the email address registered during the registration. This form should then be saved on the passenger's phone during boarding.