Pokémon Scarlet and Violet : Obtain the Cortondo Gym badge

While playing Pokémon, you have certainly already realized that there are tamers who will be quite difficult for you to beat. One of them is Katy the Sugarbug in Cortondo in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Here is some useful and practical information that will help you face it.

Before starting the start of the fight

Before heading to the Cortondo Gym to battle Katy the Sugarbug and the two Gym Trainers, you must have the correct type of Pokémon. It is recommended that you have a few Pokémon that are level 15 or higher. 

You can consult this website for other additional information to guide you. As you battle the two gym trainers before you get to the guild master, you'll be up against different types of Pokemon. 

There are a total of three pure bug types, a dual Bug type, a poison type, and a normal type with a Bug type Terraform as well as Bug type moves. This is why it is advisable to opt for Fuecoco or its first evolution (Crocalor). Otherwise, choose one of the flight types (Fletchling). 

If you don't have any of these Pokemon, make sure you have a Fire-, Rock-, or Flying-type move unfavorable to the Bug-type Pokemon. For normal-type Pokemon, a fighting-type move will be needed to get you out. You can learn about it by looking at the TM machine.

Final Showdown : Katy the Sugarbug

As soon as the fight against Katy begins, she sends you her first Bug-type Pokémon, a level 14 Nymble. After defeating it, she will send you another Bug-type Pokémon, a level 14 Tarantoula as well. It is after winning against these two Pokémon that the real challenge begins. 

Instead of still sending you a pure Bug-type or a mixed Bug-type, Katy will now send you a normal pure-type Pokemon, Teddiursa. The problem comes later when Teddiursa terraforms at the start of the match. 

Once in this form, the damage done by his Fury Cutter move is greatly enhanced. Avoid using a Pokémon like Sprigatito or even its evolution. You risk losing the game quickly. Instead, you need to use a Fire-, Flying-, or Rock-type Pokemon. You can also choose a Pokémon that possesses these types of moves.