Sportify: over 35,000 accounts hacked by hackers

Sportify users have not been safe for a few months. More than 350,000 Sportify users' accounts have lost their personal account information. The hardest thing to understand is that these hackers did not break the Sportify system before accessing these accounts. We invite you to read this article to learn more about these threats.

Threats detected by experts

In recent months, VpnMentor security researchers have detected successful attacks by hackers. These attacks are successful because of the data breaches that these hackers have used. Koddos DDOS protection informs you more. They left the stolen data unencrypted, unsecured and available to anyone with an internet connection to access the data.

These hackers tried different usernames and passwords on the Sportify platform to find matches. This has become the most popular information stuffing that threat actors use on multiple platforms.

Sure, hackers are extraordinary and strong in hacking, but experts are quick to master them and foil their hacking plans. And these hackers are all over the place, and they are involved in everything that surrounds the digital world.

The researchers' big mistake

The researchers unknowingly left the database open and unsecured. They used port scanning to select an IP Block to research the weaknesses or vulnerability of the system. What they found was that the databases were open and accessible to anyone without any security. This allowed anyone with an internet connection to access the data.

Also, the source of the database that the researchers targeted was not known. This source remained unknown because of the stolen connection that these hackers use to hack. This hacking problem was detected last July. Therefore, several works have been developed to ensure the security of the data. The mistakes made by some researchers are so serious that it is forbidden to risk making them again.