The brain: how to improve its performance?

The brain is a very valuable organ in the human body. Given its importance, it is important to take special care of it in order to keep it in shape. Whatever your age, there are simple techniques to make your brain perform better. In this article, we'll look at a few tips on how to do this.

Stimulating the frontal lobe

The part of the brain that degenerates the fastest and ages the fastest is the frontal lobe. It is therefore important to stimulate it in order to keep it in good shape. One simple way to do this is to play strategy and thinking games, such as chess. Studies have shown that adults who play such games have a more developed frontal lobe than those who do not play. Follow us on the link for more useful information.

The importance of meditation for the brain

Meditation is very beneficial for the brain. This is because it helps to bring blood to the brain. In addition to blood flow, meditation promotes the production of telomerase, which slows down the aging of cells. Also, it should be added that this meditation relaxes your mind, which is good for the brain.

Exercise your memory

Getting into the habit of memorising phrases and reciting them by heart is good for your brain. It helps develop the temporal cortex and hippocampus. Also, these memory efforts build up your brain and keep it fit.

Brain health through diet

Vitamins E, B vitamins and omega 3 are good for the brain. So eat vegetables, fish, olive oil and beans regularly, all of which are rich in each of these vitamins.