The Role of a wedding planner on a successful wedding 

A wedding is one of the most important events celebrated in the world. It's a very special ceremony, especially to females. The service of a wedding planner is usually employed to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly.

 Who is a wedding planner

A wedding planner is a competent person who carries the burden of the planning, organizing and management of a client's wedding to get full information click go to my site, . Wedding planners help ease the burden and stress of planning a wedding from the shoulders of their clients. They usually charge a certain commission based on the nature and size of the wedding.

For better simplification of workload, the wedding planners usually meet up with the client (the couple) to identify their needs.

  What services do a wedding planner render

A wedding planner offers a wide range of services, which include full wedding planning, design and styling, wedding package among a host of others. In full wedding planning, the planner takes charge of every detail from the location of the event, the styling, decoration of the event, and  catering services.

After having a concrete knowledge about the needs of the couple, the wedding planner goes on to prepare a budget. The budget depends on the needs of the couple, be it a big or small scale wedding. If both parties come to a mutual understanding, a contract is drawn up specifying the duties and responsibilities of each party.  The next step is the identification and sourcing of the location for the wedding, designing the theme and style for the event (they take hints from their clients and further develop the idea as the professionals they are).

These planners also contact other wedding service providers such as photographers, florists, makeup artists, estheticians, caterers, etc, and negotiate with them in place of their clients. Coordinates the deliveries of items to the wedding venue before and during the wedding , it also includes the smooth running of the wedding ceremony itself. They make sure their client are fully satisfied and relaxed on their big day.