The sexual libertinage in couple

Libertarianism is a sexual practice based on the idea of freedom and trust. It allows a couple to have sexual relations with other partners without questioning their feelings for their spouse. Many couples adopt it, even if there are no statistics to prove it. This is done in agreement with his or her spouse. How to introduce it in a couple? What are the dangers?

The introduction in the couple

Libertarianism can be practiced in different places or even at home. Many sites also offer it online. You can read more here. Libertarianism is a practice that should be desired by both partners. It is a particular way of functioning within a partnership that should be well thought out before being introduced into the couple. 
If you intend to try it with your partner, you should first explain to him or her the reasons why you want to try such things with other people. Have a conversation and find out if your partner is interested or not. Partners should dare to tell each other everything, ask each other all the questions that are important to them, and affirm what they think they can handle experiencing and seeing. And the things that annoy and offend them. Libertine couples must have a sincere intellectual complicity and a real sexual understanding if it is to work between them. 

The dangers involved

A sexual freedom and a desire of transgression have however limits, because they are defined by very precise rules. It can be dangerous if they try it for the wrong reasons. For one or more reasons, this practice can be assimilated as a betrayal by one of the partners if no communication has been made beforehand. It can create other attractions for other partners, thus undermining the principle and the trust, thus breaking the couple.
This practice requires absolute trust between the spouses in the partnership. It is also necessary to feel comfortable with the other couple so that there is no embarrassment during sex. The idea is to have fun and to know that your partner is having fun too.