Timelapse Shots, We Tell You Everything

Nowadays, taking simple snapshots is not too trendy anymore unless you have an overflowing and boundless imagination. Many photo modes have been created and our smartphones, if they are powerful, are even able to realize them. One of the trends of the moment is the timelapse shooting. Want to know more about this photo mode. More in this article.

What Is a Timelapse

You can discover this here. Have you ever seen commercials of a highway with cars driving by very fast from morning to evening? Or a plant in the first moments of its life? These are just a few concrete examples of a timelapse sequence. In reality, the principle of this type of photo is to take views of a place in regular sequences to get as much information as possible on the state of the subject. 

Thus, we can quickly scroll the images to give the impression of a video. Generally, timelapses allow you to see a subject during a medium-time interval, but in the format of a video that does not weigh too much in terms of storage.

How to Make a Good Timelapse

First of all, you will need to find a camera that offers this mode. Not all equipment can support this feature. For the simple reason that the shooting time is high. If you take a smartphone for example, it will turn off after a few minutes when leaving the camera mode. In addition, because of the changing brightness of the environment, the camera may struggle to adjust the light input optimally and the rendering will reflect on the shots. 

Once you have found a good camera, you need to focus on the subject you want to photograph. Find a good angle of view that will highlight the subject. There should be no obstruction between you and the target. It is also important to emphasize the importance of an intervalometer. It is an external equipment that allows you to trigger the shots after a certain time. Now you can start.

After your shots, you will need software such as Adobe Lightroom to process the images.