What about the expansion of video marketing after COVID 19 ?

The success of video marketing in the retail, construction and telecommunications sectors after COVID 19 is well known. Its efforts have driven up the numbers for all marketing experts. This has put video marketing on the back burner. Find out in this article how video marketing has evolved after the Corona pandemic. 

Video marketing became a preferred channel after COVID 19

According to the salesforce report, video marketing is now the most preferred channel in 2021. According to the report, video marketing is expected to overtake digital marketing tactics in the coming years. In fact, almost all marketers said they were using video marketing. More of them are considering using it in the near future. For more information go here and look what i found.

In addition, other reports have also revealed the potential of video marketing after the Corona virus pandemic. These include the report by IdeaRoket. It reveals that users spend the majority of their time on websites that contain videos. Finally, note that with a camera, dramatic progress invisible to the naked eye can be captured in a short video made in seconds.

Video marketing successes in the construction and property development sector

In the construction and real estate development sectors, video marketing has been very successful. In fact, these two areas have been the ones that have most exploited the capabilities of video and accelerated its evolution. 

Through them, customers are able to see dramatic changes and engage themselves. As a result, they are introducing the potential of video marketing to other potential customers. And they in turn engage and invest in the outcome. Finally, note that many industries are evolving with video marketing, as highlighted in the InsightSLICE report. According to the report, companies that use video marketing are benefiting from the online traffic boom created by COVID 19.