What are the main types of pretzels?

There are a variety of pretzels around the world. According to history, they were created to reward children for paying attention and learning their prayers. This strip of baked dough can be found in many flavours. Pretzels also come in several categories. But, what are the main categories of pretzels? Read this article to find out the main types of pretzels. 

Soft pretzels

There are two main types of pretzels. These are the hard pretzels and the soft pretzels. To enjoy their flavour, you could try these out. Soft pretzels are often made in a classic or twisted shape. However, they are not only made in these shapes. In addition, these pretzels are accompanied by a variety of fillings. As far as flavour is concerned, you will find them sweet or meaty. If you want to enjoy soft pretzels in their best form, they should be eaten hot and fresh. You can also dip it in cheese, cinnamon, apple, mustard, chocolate, berry and sultanas. These seasonings give you the best taste of soft pretzels. 

Hard pretzels

The second main category of pretzels is crunchy. This is what hard pretzels are famous for. These pretzels often stay fresh for a long time. Hard pretzels are not only available in the classic and twisted shapes, but also in other shapes such as a stick, ring or pit. You can find them in the shape you like best. If you want to have the hard pretzels in a large or small size. This is a category of pretzels that gives you a variety of choices and possibilities. In addition, they are traditionally eaten with mustard, butter, soy, barbecue sauce, sesame and jalapeno. But the consumption is different nowadays. They are eaten with chocolate, yoghurt, etc. In any case, all dips are useful to accompany hard pretzels. Apart from the main categories of pretzels, there are other categories of pretzels that are also very tempting.