What types of wood stoves to choose for a used purchase?

A wood stove can be a more effective choice for providing optimal heating to a room on an occasional basis. It is most often found at affordable prices on sale second hand, but some models are better than others. In this article, we will discover two models that would be suitable for a space heater.

Opt for pellet or pellet-fired models

These stove models are very convenient to use and efficient. Their combustion is powered by pellets or granules. This mode of combustion allows them to provide a soft fire and quality. In addition to these characteristics, the various adjustment options allow obtaining an efficiency of more than 70 %. Indeed, the temperature or the volume of air brought to the fire can be programmed to meet a specific need. These equipments have a large fuel reserve and an automatic reloading system. You can therefore use them over a long period of time without the need to continually bring in fuel. If you want to intervene as little as possible, then choose a used electric pellet model on the site https://www.erowz.se. It benefits from automatic ignition, shutdown and flame adjustment.

Opt for the upgraded log models

The log models are somewhat more traditional choices. However, they differ from the older models in that they have a turbo and accumulated combustion system. These varieties of log stoves are adapted to keep both large and small rooms at a good temperature. The turbo or double combustion models remain a better choice to benefit from an optimal heat while preserving the quality of the air in the environment. Indeed, it uses a process that promotes the combustion of the smoke that comes from the flames. The heat storage model draws its efficiency from the materials used in its manufacture. Indeed, they are made of earthenware or rock, two materials known for their ability to preserve heat. The heat accumulates en masse therefore in the compartments of the equipment to subsequently radiate gently into the room.