What you need to know about Snapchat's night mode

Most people want to get Snapchat's night mode, but can't. So, in order to get this app on your phone, it is essential to follow a few steps. Here is an article, which explains how to create Snapchat dark mode on your mobile phone. 

Snapchat night mode: what is it?

Also known as dark mode, night mode is an application, which allows you to protect your eyes from the lights coming from your phone, desktop or laptop screens. For more information, go to this site. Activated at night, Night Mode is not only able to convert bright colours into darker shades, but also manages to reduce eye strain when you are on social media or lying in bed. Not yet available on Snapchat, Night Mode is also available on the Tweeter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram apps.

How do I set up Snapchat's night mode?

Although it does not yet exist, Snapchat dark mode can be created in two ways. For this purpose, owners of newer branded Android phones have the option to find this app system in their settings. Thus, after opening the setting, it is recommended to type dark mode in the search bar. As soon as it appears, simply click on it to activate it. Similarly, after use, you simply need to follow the same process to deactivate Snapchat dark mode.

The other way to enable Snapchat mode on an Android phone is to download it. To do this, simply go to Play Store and insert in the search bar dark mode and download it to your phone. Once you have downloaded Snapchat night mode, you can read and spend the whole night on the networks without eye pain. 

For people who own an iPhone, it should be noted that there is no night mode. However, jailbroken iPhone users can download the dark mode application and activate it at night.