Why invest in luxury real estate?

Real estate is a sector that is attracting more and more investors. While some invest in rental property, others prefer to invest in a luxury property. However, why invest in luxury property? Discover the reasons for opting for this type of investment.

Luxury real estate is profitable

Investing in real estate can make you enough money. However, investing in luxury real estate allows you to earn even more. This is because it is a very profitable option. It is an investment that is continually increasing in value. If you want to invest in luxury, you should definitely check out this site web realpropertytips.com

When you buy a luxury property today, you will be able to sell it a few years later at a much higher price. You can even set the rent yourself, taking into account the market price. In addition, every year many foreign billionaires descend on the big cities to buy the most prestigious flats. This makes the market even more attractive. Investing in luxury real estate is also a safe way to build up an estate that can guarantee great financial security. 

Tax reductions 

Investing in luxury real estate also allows you to benefit from significant tax reductions. This is made possible by the Malraux law. This law was introduced in 1962 and encourages investors to invest in old buildings.

 When you invest in an old property in order to renovate it and turn it into a luxury property, you can benefit from a tax reduction of €120,000 over a four-year period. Note that this reduction is determined according to the cost of the renovation work. It generally varies between 22 and 30%.


In the past, before investing in luxury real estate, it was necessary to have a printer to buy large surfaces. However, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the Malraux law, it is now possible to buy a luxury property in a small area without necessarily spending a fortune.