Why not compare the Bible and the Koran?

Religion is above all a question of philosophy. Everyone is free to think what they want. Why not compare the Bible and the Koran? Are there common points between these two books? These questions will serve as details in a few lines below.

The Koran and the Bible do not have the same stories

Out of respect for these two great books that have marked the history of humanity, many questions remain undeveloped so as not to shake the faith of some or others. The two books have so much in common but do not begin in the same way . read full report to better understand that the Bible remains par excellence the jewel book of the Christians where they draw all the teachings with supporting referential links . On the other hand, the Koran is made up of suras and teachings that Christians still do not accept. The same is true for the Muslims with regard to the Bible. These two books cannot be compared because of the divergence they create each time when it comes to talking about them. In each of these books, there are several different names for God according to each doctrine. These two books are the best in the history of the world but do not fail to contradict each other from the point of view of religion.

The books contradict each other in many ways

The Bible and the Qur'an don't always say the same things for comparison. They all talk about worshipping God but in different ways with different teachings accompanied by their own religious principles. This shows how the debate about these two great books of world history is over. The followers of both doctrines do not hesitate to preach for their association at the risk of their lives by criticising the other religion.